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We have passed the 30 year mile marker in our marriage journey! Our marriage has been an adventure that has offered unparalleled challenges and rewards.

These experiences have fueled our passion to help others build life's most important relationship!  We want to equip couples, whether newly engaged or married 50 years, with the right tools and support to build a mutually enjoyable, strong and healthy marriage that lasts. 'Til death do we part!

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Who We Are

5 Year Highlight 

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new book!

An Intentional Marriage ~ Making Your Wedding Day Vows an Everyday Reality uncovers the meaning behind the five most common wedding vows and shows how these timeless truths can become the foundation a happy, healthy marriage is built upon. A practical action step is provided after each chapter to help couples be intentional about making their wedding day vows an everyday reality.

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Pre-marriage Preparation?  

We are certified facilitators with SYMBIS, which stands for "Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts."


The 15-page customized report is packed with practical and personalized insights that create an awareness of the couple's strengths and areas to focus on. 


Marriage Resource Testimonials

Meet the Board


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Meet The Board


Dan & Sara Martin
Kristen & Chad Cottingham
Mark & Sheila Barczak
Michael & Tracie McDonald



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