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" we believe that marriage is sacred, and the

foundation of a healthy family and society "

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Chad and Kristen met while attending Liberty University in the late 80’s.  After two years of dating and upon discovering they were expecting a baby, they quickly planned a shotgun wedding. Their marriage was off to a challenging start as they were so young, finishing up school, establishing a career, taking care of a baby all while learning to relate to each other in an entirely new way.  These trying circumstances ushered in unique difficulties and emotional issues that negatively impacted their marriage for many years. 

However, their beliefs that marriage is sacred, and the foundation of a healthy family and society were always central to Chad and Kristen.  It was their faith in Jesus and commitment to each other that enabled them to overcome the challenges they faced. Their struggles through the years coupled with the pain of walking beside loved ones who experienced divorce ignited their passion to help strengthen marriages.  By God’s grace, they are humbled and enjoy the privilege of sharing with others what God has done for them. Using transparency and humor their desire is to offer hope and help to others.

Chad and Kristen have been married for 28 years and reside in Three Rivers, Michigan.  They have four children; Carley who is engaged to Ryan, Alex & daughter-in-law Hannah with granddaughter Andi June, Cameron and Madison.  Chad is a former public-school teacher, administrator and coach. Kristen is a women’s motivational speaker and bible teacher. Together they are active members at Riverside Church and serve as the directors of Kalamazoo Marriage Resource where they facilitate premarital coaching, write blogs, host events, and share their experiences in workshops and retreat settings.  

About Us


Marriage is a God designed, sacred covenant

between one man and one woman for one lifetime.

The Bible is the Word of God.

Salvation comes by grace, through faith in

Jesus Christ as the Son of God who paid for our sins.

The Holy Spirit empowers believers to live

the full, eternal life Jesus died to give.

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