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The double-date concept is a less "formal" version of pre-marriage counseling.  The idea is that we'll connect you with an older (think 2-20 years older) married couple that has been around the block a few more times than you. You'll set a time to hang out with them in a way and place that works for you...grab a cup of coffee, go out to eat, watch a movie, have some fun together, and in the process they'll check in and see how that first year of marriage is treating you. Imagine having an experienced couple at your fingertips who can support and encourage you along the way!?  


We're asking these older couples to think about meeting with you 3-4 times over the course of a year, but really there's nothing set in stone here.  It's up to you and your "coach" couple to figure out works best for you.  In the message area below, let us know some specifics you're thinking about for the couple you'd like to get to know, and we'll try to pair you up with a winning couple...just like the one in the above picture!!! Just kidding...kinda

Just in case you're wondering, all 3 images on this page are meant to be humorous, yes, including the couple who we don't actually know...although we wish we did because they look like they're having a great time together!

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