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The Creek

We each put our muck boots on and headed down the path to one of our favorite spots – a small creek that is about a quarter mile from our house. This is no ordinary path that’s cut out and easy to follow. If you know anything about Kristen and me, you know that we love adventure – whether it be walking, hiking, golf-cart rides, kayaking, etc… we love it – and this little hike would be no exception. The recent rain had made the lowland portion of our journey extremely wet and mucky. We then traversed cautiously over a makeshift bridge spanning a small water way. The next segment of the journey was filled with thorns and thickets so big and sharp we thought we were getting tortured by ISIS. Our walking sticks were somewhat helpful as we used them to move sticks, branches and thorns from our path – except when one ricocheted back and smacked Kristen right across the nose – ‘Ouch’!

As we came through the underbrush and approached a clearing in the woods, we knew our little spot was getting closer – just a few hundred more yards and we’d be there. Huge toppled trees and debris littered the woods and made our hike more challenging but it wasn’t going to stop us. Then, there it was - a magnificent sight! The gorgeous creek and all her beauty couldn’t be contained. The gentle flow of the water was soothing and peaceful, set against the backdrop of pines and hardwoods exploding with brilliant color on this beautiful fall day. We found a moss-covered spot under a large oak tree and sat it awe. Words cannot truly express the beauty of what we were witnessing - God’s creation. We were both speechless – which doesn’t happen often. Our trek through the marsh and woods was so worth every poke, scratch and whack in the face.

Marriage can be a lot like this little adventure. There are obstacles and challenges along the way. There are thorns, thickets and hurdles to cross. Some journeys are long and some are shorter. But in the end, if you stick together, you will make it to your little creek in the woods too. Are you committed enough to make it there? Or are you quick to turn around when a thorn of life hits you? Marriage will be one of the hardest and most challenging adventures you’ll ever face. But it will also be the most rewarding and fulfilling quest you’ll ever experience. Just keep taking the next step, the view is worth it!

Galatians 6:9 ~ So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.

Together Time: Plan your own adventure!

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