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Christmas Cash

They get me every time! It’s as if they know what I’m thinking, how to hook and when to reel me in. Their cleverly designed brochures tantalize my impulses with their peel off stickers offering discounts. Not only that, but their seductive 30% off coupons trick me into spending more to earn their “free” cash! The culprit is Kohls department store. Yet, I keep falling for their marketing schemes because I just can’t resist a good deal! C’mon, who doesn’t love a cute sweater when it’s 20% off to start, PLUS an additional 30% with a coupon…that expires in 5 days…and qualifies me to get $40 of “free merchandise” later? I think it’s a no-brainer! Might as well get some earrings and a pair of boots to go with it! Can anyone relate because my husband doesn’t understand my thinking here. I like to focus on all the money I’m saving while he thinks of all the money I’m spending. We just have different thought processes.

I have a hunch that we aren’t the only ones. Believe it or not, money has its own power that influences the way think and affects much of our daily life. Rarely a day goes by that we aren’t swiping, clicking or handing over cold hard cash. It’s simply a part of life…a big part…a part that, if we don’t understand it properly, can wreak havoc in our marriage. A misunderstanding of money can cause fights that leave us cold toward each other like a Michigan winter. It’s critical to understand money the way Jesus taught if we want to have a warm relationship with our spouse.

Jesus has a lot to say about money. In the book of Matthew, we catch a glimpse of one conversation he had with a crowd gathered on a mountainside. After teaching about anger, marriage and prayer, he shifted the topic to money. His words, “No one can serve two masters. For you will hate the one and love the other…you cannot serve both God and money” help us understand that money is really a heart issue before it becomes a thought process. It acts as a thermometer to gauge the temperature of our love toward God and others. When we give generously the mercury rises, people are touched, and hearts are warmed. Other times when we withhold and act stingy our heart temperature plummets and we leave people feeling left out in the cold.

Christmas is the time of year that encourages generosity so let’s capitalize on the opportunities all around. Giving to others spreads the joy of the season and proves our love for God. Talk it over with your spouse and see if there is someone you both can bless this Christmas. Shopping with your mate for someone else is a wonderful opportunity to invest in your own relationship while giving to others. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than that…unless you can use a coupon!

“If anyone is poor among you… do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward them.” Deuteronomy 15:7

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