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The Words We Speak

Our youngest child, Madi, may be a spitting image of her dad and possess the wittiness of her mom but one thing she has that didn’t come from either of us is her creative talent in modern calligraphy. For being only fifteen years old, she is gifted with a level of artistic ability that makes even seasoned artists nod in admiration. As her mom, who never advanced past writing bubble letters on middle school folders, I am genuinely impressed with her work. I remind her regularly that she has a unique gift and with that, a responsibility, to release some good back into the world.

You or I may not have the skill to put pen to paper and create words with loops and lines of varied thickness and flair that embellish the walls of our homes, but we do have the capacity to create beauty in our world using our words. Words contain power that can heal, encourage, comfort and bring light and life. What we say, whether positive or negative, carries the potential to impact our relational environment for better or worse.

Rarely an hour goes by that we aren’t speaking to someone whether a coworker, friend, child or spouse but how many of us truly understand the impact our words have. We can’t expect success if we are speaking of defeat and negative words will not produce a positive life. I sat at the library and overheard an excited little girl ask her mom if they could check out a one-thousand-piece puzzle. Her mother dismissed her request, “That is too hard for you. You should try a one-hundred-piece puzzle instead.” I was saddened as the little girl, completely deflated, put the puzzle back on the shelf.

Some couples wonder why their marriage is on the crazy cycle. They can’t figure out what needs to change. They are certain it’s their spouse, but they pay no attention to the words rolling off their lips. We can’t speak negatively about our husband or wife and expect positive results to occur in our relationship. If we say, “He will never change” or “Things will always be this way” then guess what, “If you say what you’ve always said, you’ll get what you’ve always got” because what is true in gardening, is true in marriage – we reap what we sow.

What do you want your marriage to look like one year, five years, ten years from now? Listen to what you are saying in the present. As I often remind Madi, allow me to encourage you too. We have a responsibility to use our creativity for good. You can bring beauty into your home by speaking positively in the direction you want to go… “Things are looking up. I see progress. Our future looks bright” are words to influence your marriage for the better instead of making matters worse!

“From the fruit of their lips people enjoy good things…” Proverbs 13:2

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